Strange & Unique

The only reason our firm exists is to help you solve your personal and business problems in the areas of accounting, insurance, and financial services. It took a long time to put together a trained, credentialed, and experienced staff along with the technology required to provide professional assistance in these three separate but related areas. These services can be provided to you almost anywhere in the world. We think you will find our unique way of facilitating these services in an integrated, professional, and ethical manner is what makes us strange and unique in the business world.

We are not strange in name only. It is unusual to have multiple industries such as accounting, insurance, and financial services at one convenient location. Our self- imposed built-in protections to conflict of interest allow freedom of access and comprehensive coordination in personal and business financial concerns.

We hope that you find the site valuable enough to bookmark as one of your favorites. We advise that you take advantage of the many features that we provide such as the "Tax Due Date Option". This unique feature allows you to determine by state, and date, the final filing time period for federal, state, personal, business and corporate tax returns instantly.

From our site you can gather current quotes and news on individual stocks and funds, maintain and update your own personal portfolio, and send us any messages and or questions. Here you can stay up-to-date on relevant financial topics through our on-line newsletter. Thanks for being here! We appreciate your visit.

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